FoodNova is the world’s most important exhibition for the sector, and this is why all the most important international companies attend with their own booth and book their own space well in advance.

To guarantee you the best position and schedule your participation as effectively as possible:  


You can choose between a bare area and equipped stand or turnkey booths.
You can also entrust the creation of your booth at FoodNova to us.
You’ll save time and find quality service, guaranteed constant service before, during and after the exhibition and all the advantages of a sole point of reference for all your needs with regard to taking part.
Our design office can produce proposals for areas of every kind, from more limited ones to very large surface areas. You can define the quality and type of installation solutions with us in accordance with your available budget. We’ll provide a truly “tailor-made” booth for your company.

Design your custom booth with us with no obligation.